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If you have arrived at this website you have likely received an invitation to our Family Reunion, August 25th, 2018 in Vancouver, BC Canada. This webpage is work in progress and a collaboration so I will need your help! Please RSVP to the email address on your invitation and you will receive a request for information and pictures! 

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Dora Wilcock was born March 29, 1915 in Salford, England, the daughter of Elizabeth Alma (nee Johnson) and George Wilcock. Records document her first arrival in Canada as being in Halifax, Nova Scotia Sept. 25, 1917 at the age of two. The following year, Dora’s brother Henry was born in NS, and in 2019, records document the family’s return to England, where they remained for five years.

After the death of her husband, George, Alma remarried Tom Hopkins. In 1924, the family immigrated to Quebec, Canada. Dora arrived with her siblings James, Joseph, Phoebe and Henry. An older sister, Ethel, remained in England as a newly married bride.

After the family left Quebec, they travelled to Calgary, Alberta to live. 

To be continued....

Fun Facts

~~It is rumored that Elizabeth Alma was actually 7 years older than documented. From what is said, she tried to get a copy of her birth certificate but the hospital burned down and the person issuing the birth certificate messed up on the birth year but she gladly took the document with the younger age! She lived to be 104 years, 9 months and 6 days. If the rumors are true, she would have actually been 111 years, 9 months and 6 days old when she passed away.  

~~Waiting for more of your family stories. 

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